Pages … not Printers

Efficiency Studies Show Real Costs

Your business management is tasked with improving profitability by seeking better ways to increase the flow or movement of people and materials. For example, airlines and overnight package delivery companies have adopted the hub or centralized system. Likewise in the copier industry many companies have eliminated personal printers in favor of a smaller number of large centralized printers. This has the benefit of reducing the number of printers, copiers, and faxing equipment, which in turn has a direct affect on lowering printing costs.

Copiers Plus Inc. has worked with a sample of our customers in order to produce a detailed cost analysis. We have also studied motion science and research findings from similar industries. This effort helps our customers understand the real impact and cost of printing. While every situation is unique, some of our findings might surprise you.

We at Copiers Plus have studied all aspects of office printing in detail. Specifically, one facet of our own research also combined real-life experience and cost analysis from our own customers. Employing these findings we cross-referenced them with other studies to insure the validity of our conclusions. Accordingly, working together we can identify an optimal printing system for your company especially one that pays for itself. A free study of your needs will reveal the type and number of copiers you require including specifying the most efficient type of copier(s) either refurbished or new. We consider this resulting savings an added value and key to our mission.

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